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Welcome Back To Harmattan Semester 2019/2020! Kindly ensure that you complete and submit your Course Registration form for Harmattan Semester to Secretary, Postgraduate College.

STEP 1: Before you can sign in here, you must have created Student Portal Account with your Registration Number and a new Password from Application Portal where you paid Acceptance Fee and printed Admission Letter. 
STEP 2: After successful creation, Log on to Student Portal, Here, with your Registration Number as contained on your admission letter and the new password.
STEP 3: Pay School Fees and Print Biodata and Receipt of payment.
STEP 4: Register for the Semester Courses online (Ph.D, PGD, M.Sc, M.A, MBA, M.Eng and Professional Masters)  
STEP 5: Print online registration Course Form.
STEP 6: Lastly, submit the Biodata, Receipt of Payment and Course Form to Secretary, Postgraduate College, Main Campus Osogbo 

Adeosun A.A 

Secretary, Postgraduate College, Main Campus, Osogbo.